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NordVPN Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype?

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What I like

No logging: NordVPN doesn't know what sites you have visited, what files you have downloaded or any other activity online. They only keep track of your account/payment information so you can log in and use their services.

Top notch security: They are independently security audited with no known reported vulnerabilities.

Located in Panama: This means NordVPN isn't legally required to keep, or give out any user data.

What I dislike

Discounts only for long-term plans: While the discounts are generous, they only apply if you get at least one year membership.

No phone numbers: Would be nice if we could call them when we need help instead of just submitting support tickets or chat.


So, after using NordVPN for a while, I'm genuinely impressed. It's fast, the servers are everywhere, and it keeps my info locked down tight. It's great for streaming shows from other countries, but more importantly, it keeps me secure online. If you're looking for a VPN that just works, NordVPN is a solid choice.

NordVPN LogoNordVPN desktop app and mobile app screenshot

My Rating: 9.5 / 10

In this NordVPN review I'm asking the question: What the heck is the deal with this VPN provider? Why do I keep seeing them everywhere? So I had to take a deeper look into them to see what the fuss was about. Now, after many months of using it I've learned everything there is to know about this juggernaut.


NordVPN, established in 2012, is a trusted VPN service provider based in Panama.

It offers fast connection speeds, user-friendly apps for all major platforms, and a strict no-logs policy, making it a top choice for privacy-conscious users.

Most importantly, it is secure.

Features and Benefits

These are the big note-worthy features and benefits I found when I tested NordVPN

Video Overview of NordVPN's Features

Strict no log policy

Some might worry that while a VPN hides your data to the rest of the world, what data does the VPN provider keep of us?

That's why most VPN's today have a no logs policy.

NordVPN is no different.

They have a strict no logs policy and they don't keep anything of what you do online.

So rest assured that websites you've visited, files you've downloaded, your IP-address, or whatever you do while you're online, will not be saved, sold or used.

In my opinion, this is the most important feature that I always look for first when evaluating a VPN provider.

Large number of servers and locations

screenshot of the NordVPN app on my Macbook Pro

NordVPN has over 5876 servers in over 60 countries at the time of writing this article (November 8 2023).

Their numbers of servers and locations is so vast that there's no point in listing them all.

They're available everywhere where VPN is legal, basically.

This is especially important for people traveling a lot, like digital nomads, who keep encountering issues like geo-restricted websites or favourite tv-shows that are only available in their home-country.

Just choose a location of the country you want to access and voila, the internet will think you're in that country.

This might not be as impressive these days though, as most VPN providers I've tested has servers in in the thousands and in most countries.

Pro tip: Changing location is a fantastic way to see what shows are available on services like Netflix in different countries.

No Data Usage Limits

NordVPN stands out by offering unlimited data, allowing users to stream, browse, and download without constraints.

This feature ensures that your online experience is seamless, with no worries about hitting a data cap.

The word seamless is key here for me.

I want a VPN that I don't have to care about, maintain or constanly have to fiddle with.

It should just work, always online, always conneted, and always secure.

VPNs are a peace-of-mind tech.

My favorite mini feature: Pause for 5 minutes

screenshot of my favorite featuren in NordVPN, pause for 5 minutes

God how I love this little useful feature!

So many times I want to just try something out without VPN activated.

But normally I would disconnect the VPN and completely forget to activate it again for several hours, sometimes days.

With this feature I can just pause it for 5 mins, which means it gets disconnected and after 5 minutes it connects to the same VPN server and location as before.

No Speed Throttling

With NordVPN, your internet speed remains untouched, as they pledge not to throttle connections.

I actually tested this which you can find further down in this article, and the TLDR of it all is that I found no significant differences in speeds when using NordVPN.

So whether you're gaming or streaming, NordVPN maintains top speeds.

Kill Switch

NordVPN's Kill Switch is a safeguard, ensuring your data remains secure even if your VPN connection drops unexpectedly.

It immediately halts internet traffic, protecting your sensitive information from being exposed.


NordVPN's pricing structure is quite straightforward.

2 year plan prices

NordVPN 2 year plan pricing

1 year plan prices

NordVPN 1 year plan pricing

1 month plan prices

NordVPN monthly plan pricing

There are three main plans to choose from: Monthly, 1 year and 2 year.

Each plan has its own set of features and benefits, catering to different user needs.

While the monthly plan offers the most flexibility, the yearly and bi-yearly plans provide significant cost savings.

It's important to note that all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, adding an extra layer of security to your purchase.

In terms of payment, NordVPN accepts a variety of methods, including credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and other online payment platforms.

Do remember, NordVPN occasionally offers special deals and discounts, so keep an eye out for those.

I personally got the bi-yearly plan as the cost savings compared to the monthly plan is too good to pass up

While most products give 10-15% discount on yearly plans, NordVPN gives 45-65% discount.

Free Trial

While they don't have a free trial they do have a 30 day money back guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied.

NordVPN Compared to Competitors

Let's have a look too see how NordVPN stacks up against its competitors

VPN ProviderServersCountries
Proton VPN3000+70+
Private Internet Access1000+90+

For more comparisons, check out our article comparing the best vpn providers.


NordVPN's privacy level is second to none.

With its strict no-logs policy, your online activities stay confidential.

They are based in Panama, a country with no data retention laws.

This means NordVPN isn't legally required to keep any user data.

Their use of AES-256 encryption ensures your data is secure.

Additionally, NordVPN offers features like Double VPN and Onion Over VPN for extra layers of protection.

These features make NordVPN a top choice for privacy-conscious users.

Is NordVPN secure?

NordVPN is renowned for its high-level security features.

It employs AES-256 bit encryption, which is considered military-grade.

This means your data is securely locked away from prying eyes.

But that's not all.

NordVPN also supports Perfect Forward Secrecy.

This means it frequently changes encryption keys, preventing any potential decryption of data even if a key gets compromised.

On top of this, NordVPN is based in Panama - a country outside the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance.

This ensures your online activities aren't logged or shared with government agencies.

So, when it comes to security, NordVPN is a top contender.

Can NordVPN back up these claims?

Yes, NordVPN can back up their claims.

Their commitment to security is demonstrated by their advanced encryption and no-logs policy.

Further, they are audited by independent third parties to ensure transparency.

For instance, when Versprite, a global leader in cyber-security, did their comprehensive penetration testing of NordVPN, they "found no critical vulnerabilities".

However, like all services, performance can vary based on individual user experience.

Can NordVPN unblock Netflix and other streaming sites?

Yes, NordVPN is a VPN provider that can unblock Netflix along with a multitude of other streaming sites.

It's known for its robust geographical bypassing capabilities, making it a breeze to access region-locked content.

What sets NordVPN apart is its SmartPlay feature.

This technology combines DNS with VPN technology to easily bypass blocks.

Not only Netflix, but NordVPN can also unblock Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video.

Torrents Support

Yes, NordVPN does support torrenting.

In fact, it's one of the VPN services that openly endorses peer-to-peer file sharing.

They have hundreds of servers optimized for P2P activities, ensuring fast and secure connections.

Moreover, NordVPN uses advanced encryption protocols for data protection.

So, you can torrent with peace of mind, knowing your privacy is intact.

Customer Support

NordVPN's customer support is a standout feature.

They offer a robust 24/7 live chat for immediate assistance.

This is particularly useful when you're facing technical difficulties or need quick answers.

Additionally, their website hosts a comprehensive knowledge base.

It's packed with tutorials, FAQs, and guides to help users navigate the service.

Email support is also available, but the response time can vary.

Despite this, the quality of the responses is generally high, showing NordVPN's commitment to customer satisfaction.

The only thing missing is being able to call them on a normal phone-number.


Is NordVPN trustworthy?

NordVPN is very trustworthy. It is widely considered among the most trustworthy providers out there, providing advanced encryption, a strict no-logs policy, and a transparent security audit process to ensure user data protection.

Which country is NordVPN based in?

NordVPN is based in Panama, where it benefits from the country's lack of mandatory data retention laws, enhancing its ability to protect user privacy.

Is there a VPN better than NordVPN?

Yes and No. While NordVPN ranks highly among VPN services, some users may find services like ExpressVPN or CyberGhost better meet their specific needs for speed or streaming.

Can I be tracked if I use NordVPN?

No, you cannot be easily tracked while using NordVPN, as its secure servers employ strong encryption and uphold a strict no-logs policy to protect online activities.

Which country is best to connect to NordVPN?

Switzerland and the Netherlands are recommended for connecting to NordVPN servers, as they offer robust privacy laws and strong data protection.




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