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A picture of Faddy
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For 35 years, I've called Sweden home, a place known for its biting cold and long, dark winters. A place where daylight is a fleeting guest and the night overstays its welcome.

Hi there, I'm Faddy! 👋

I'm a digital nomad who's made the vibrant city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, my current base. Like many of you, I was entranced by the allure of a location-independent lifestyle, and after years of dreaming, I took the leap into the digital nomad world. Here's a little more about my journey.


Born and raised in a town where everyone knows everyone, I always yearned for the vast unknown. The stories of distant cultures, of mountain peaks kissing the sky, of cities humming with life - they fueled my dreams. They painted images of a world beyond the one I knew, and from a young age, I vowed to experience it firsthand.

As soon as I could, I dove headfirst into the digital world. I fostered skills that could be mobilized anywhere, anytime - from graphic design to content creation to programming. After 15 years in the IT industry, as my abilities grew, so did my yearning for a life unbounded by geography.

Then one day, I decided to take the leap. I packed my life into a suitcase, booked a one-way ticket to Chiang Mai, and plunged into the world of digital nomadism. And let me tell you - it's been an adventure of a lifetime!


Now, I'm living my dream - working remotely, currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand. From navigating language barriers to acing the remote work-life balance, every day brings new challenges and experiences. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Through this blog, I share my adventures, my insights, and my learnings about the digital nomad lifestyle, hoping to inspire and guide others who dream of this life. So, whether you're a fellow digital nomad, an aspiring one, or just someone who loves to hear about life on the road - welcome to my corner of the internet.

Why Did I Decide To Move To Thailand?

In Sweden, it's not just the weather that's cold. In my experience, the people too, mirror this icy exterior. Yes, they are civil, polite even, but there's a certain reserve, a certain aloofness, an emotional distance that persists. In the midst of this Swedish coldness, I find myself yearning for a different kind of human connection, a warmth that is genuine, immediate, and vibrant.

This yearning has led me to Thailand. Thailand is fondly known as the 'Land of Smiles,' and there's a profound reason for that. Their culture embraces warmth, not just in terms of climate but in human interaction. The Thais exude an infectious joy, an ever-present smile, a gracious hospitality that's woven deeply into their social fabric.

An Overwhelming Sense Of Freedom

In Thailand, the sense of freedom is truly tangible. Think about this: you're on a motorbike, taking a ride through diverse landscapes. One moment, you're cruising through lush tropical jungles, the next you're on high-altitude mountain roads with spectacular views, and soon after, you're on the sandy shores of beautiful beaches.

This is a place where constraints seem to fade into insignificance. Parking is not a strategic game dictated by intricate rules and pricey fees; it's as simple as choosing a spot and letting your journey continue. Here, life doesn’t have to be an endless cycle of work and worry. The cost of living is surprisingly affordable, allowing you to live well, but more importantly, to live freely. The value of experiences over possessions is deeply appreciated in this land, urging you to explore more, live more, be more.

Thailand's Straightforward Communication

And interestingly, in a world increasingly leaning towards political correctness, Thailand remains refreshingly straightforward. The people say what they mean, not to offend but to express. You may be called a 'bald man' or a 'fat man,' but it’s always uttered with a teasing smile, without an iota of malicious intent. This, my friends, is an authentic way of communication, far removed from the hyper-sensitivity of our modern times.

Here, it's not about creating complex categories for the sake of seeming progressive. Instead, Thailand navigates social identities in a way that honors the authenticity of each individual, maintaining a balance that allows society to flow naturally and harmoniously.


And that's why I moved. I seek to immerse myself in this culture of warmth, freedom, and genuine human connection. Free from ideologies and dogma. I am stepping away from the familiar and leaping towards the allure of the unknown. Because, in the end, it is not just about living, it is about experiencing life in all its vibrant hues.

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About the Author, Faddy

Faddy is a digital nomad blogger, currently exploring the beauty of Thailand. Faddy has embraced the nomadic lifestyle and is eager to share his experiences and insights with others. With a 15+ year experience in IT he has a keen interest in entrepreneurship and technology, he has successfully managed to juggle work and travel, embodying the essence of a digital nomad.

Faddy's journey is not just about visiting new places, but also about immersing himself in diverse cultures and experiences. Through his blog, he aims to help others find the harmony between work and travel, and to navigate the digital world with confidence and joy. Join Faddy on this exciting journey and discover the magic of the nomad lifestyle.

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